Beginning on December 3rd - 9th all films will begin to screen at 21:30

Select films will be moderated with the Director of Programming Lucia Kajankova from the Mezipatra Film Festival Prague.

MONDAY, December 3rd,  21:30

        short - “I Am Other (Candy & Me)” a film by Conny Karlsson Lundgren & Andy Candy  (following a Q & A with Conny Karlsson Lundgren and Andy Candy)

        feature - “Regretters” directed by Marcus Lindeen  (following a Q & A with Marcus Lindeen)

TUESDAY, December 4th, 21:30

        feature - “OPEN directed by Jake Yuzna  (following a Q & A with Jake Yuzna)

WEDNESDAY, December 5th, 21:30

        medium length feature - “Hans & Grete” directed by Sue de Beer

        medium length feature - Black Sun” directed by Sue de Beer (following a cast & crew conversation)


THURSDAY, December 6th, 21:30

        short - “Untitled Film Stills” directed by Sam Icklow

        feature - “Sisterhood” directed by Marit Östberg  (following a Q & A with Marit Östberg, Mad Kate, Pau Pappel and film editor Liz Rosenfeld)

FRIDAY, December 7th, 21:30


        short - “The Saddest Boy in the World” directed by Jamie Travis

        feature - “She Male Snails” directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark  (following a Q & A with Ester Martin Bergsmark & Eli Levén)

SATURDAY, December 8th, 21:30

        feature - “Anna Pavlova lives in Berlin” directed by Theo Solnik  (following a Q & A with Theo Solnik)

SUNDAY, December 9th, 21:30


        feature - “To Die Like a Man” directed by João Pedro Rodrigues

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